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Video Encoding

How many times have your clients asked, “How can I get my video programming onto a CD or DVD or on the Web or even on their iPhone?” VSG has the resources for all types of video encoding.

VSG can encode or transcode your analog video or digital files to AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, Flash, QuickTime, or Windows Media. We are always updating the formats we can accept.

DVD Authoring

Our Broadcast Qualilty MPEG-2 encoding and custom DVD authoring can enhance and prolong the life of your existing video titles and provide unsurpassed DVD video quality for your new titles on DVD.

VSG starts the DVD process utilizing a hardware based broadcast quality, component digital MPEG-2 encoder. This encoder is capable of selecting various constant bit rates, variable bit rates and GOP sizes thus assuring you of the best possible quality for your show depending on its length and target audience. We can encode from any of the popular video formats.

After the encoding is done we use the Sonic Solutions Fusion DVD authoring system with the “advanced authoring tools” option. Sonic Solutions is the leader in DVD authoring. The Fusion system also checks during the authoring process that no violations in authoring protocol exist which may cause a problem to the user. For more creative and enhanced DVD projects, VSG uses DVD Studio Pro. Along with Final Cut Pro and Motion, these programs are the most effective tools used to add motion menus, special effects or anything else your DVD project may require.

Lastly using the Sonic Solutions and DVD Studio Pro Imaging software we write a DVD image to disc that can then be duplicated or have a stamper made from it and be replicated for larger quantities.

Standards Conversion

We are one of the few companies located in the central United States who offers standards conversion in house for NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. In addition to the videotape need, for 100% DVD compatibility abroad and the best possible picture one should convert their video for DVD to the proper TV standard. Opening region coding may not be enough.

Video formats like VHS or Betacam SP are the same all over the world, but television standards are not. The United States, Mexico, Japan and many other countries use the NTSC standard. Approximately 50 countries use the PAL standard, and others use a standard called SECAM. None of these standards are compatible or interchangeable. This clearly creates challenges when you are working in the international arena.


 - We use a digital 4 field converter to ensure a quality transfer.

 - The signal to noise ratio of our conversions exceeds broadcast standards.

 - Our system has both horizontal and vertical enhancement for a sharper, more stable picture.

  - Our system has digital adaptive variable noise reduction.

 - Our system has a bandwidth of 13.5 MHz, so it can handle all existing video formats, including digital tape.

 - Our system has component digital inputs and outputs for Beta masters.

 - Our system adapts to Macrovision copyright protection.

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